Monday, December 14, 2009

December 15th Science Reporters

  We here at Palmer Station have hosted three science reporters from the Kansas City Star (Scott Canon),  living in Miami and reporting for the Spanish science magazine Muy Interesante (Angela Swafford)  and Washington DC's NPR (Jason Orfanon), with their science lead from Woods Hole, Chris Neil. 

  Chris's job is to show exactly how science gets done so the reporters can understand the complexity and the tedious work involved with reporting data on the scientist side. 
They did water sampling and testing, went out with the Rutgers glider group, then out with the Birders, Jen and Kristen to see how the science is done in the field.  They've been keeping thier own blogs on their respective websites, waited for midnight sunsets that send golden light across the ice. 

These are the Journalists who have brought science news reporting to Palmer Station...

Jason Orfanon, Scott Canon, Angela Swafford

There have been many a visiting iceberg as they heard that the Press were in town. Scott, Jason & Angela along with Chris, leave in a few days.

What they takes a lot of time and energy to do good science.  What we takes a lot of time and energy to do good accurate reporting. 

We'll be sorry to see them go as they have brought enthusism for their science and for being in the most exciting places in Antarctica.

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  1. We are learning about Antarctica at our school and we watched a movie about Antarctica. We learned all about Antarctica.
    -Tiffani (Ms. Zoe's K-1 Class at GBCS in NJ)

    We thank you for showing us all of the pictures. Thank you for saying hi to us.
    -Nicolas (Ms. Zoe's K-1 Class at GBCS in NJ)

    Thank you for sending us a note.
    - Paul (Ms. Zoe's K-1 Class at GBCS in NJ)