Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tying up the Laurence M. Gould to the Palmer Pier

Tying up the Ship is no simple matter.  It takes about 10 people on station to tie up the boat.  There are 6 lines that go from ship to shore and after that, the gangway needs to be lowered and then we can depart off the ship.  Here are some past photos, but not much has changed.

This is from a portal onboard the LMG.  The pier has the orange & blue storage containers 
that are called Milvans. 
This is the ship before it gets tied up.  (summer shot from the station)
This was taken on looking out at the Bow line handlers, there are two bollards that 3 lines get tied up to.  Each line gets handled one at a time and is handled systematically.
Different angle of the Bow line handlers
Later on in the season when you can see the rocks after the snow melt.  It is tricky to hoist the heavy lines over the rocks and snow to tie up.
This is definitely later in the season when the weather is nicest.  Whoever is a line handler must wear a float coat in case they fall into the drink. 
This is the Stern handler bollard position.  
This group hangs out at the midships bollard line.
Gould tied up and at rest.

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