Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tour Ship Visits with special Dignitaries

January and February is our summer that usually brings sunny skies which is what brings most of our cruise ships to Palmer during this time, yet this summer was not a summer of sun.  A few cruise ships slipped in within a sunny day window between cloudiness.

This is the National Geographic Explorer taken from station outside my office.

Big Fish yacht

Clelia II cruise ship

Some of the cruise ships offer kayaking to their guests.  This was a group who got to play in the waters of Arthur Harbor, north of Station.  The glacier in the background is the Marr Piedmont.

We often get sailboats, but this year very few came to station and if they do happen to come on the same day for a visit, they'll often chum up together, share stories and meals.

Now for the special Dignitaries....
These are my neighbors who came down on the National Geographic Explorer.  It was very exciting having them here as the National G. E. wasn't scheduled for this stop.  We were very lucky to have National G. E. visit us one last time before the summer was over.

Mike Reedy, ex-austronaut came also on this visit.  He came to station and gave us a science lecture of his own.  We were very lucky to have this personal touch by Mike.  He was a great guy and we talked a bit.  I found out his wife had been station in Mildenhall, U.K. in the Navy being a plane captain on the Beechcraft King Air C-12 like I did so many years ago.  Pretty exciting connection.

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