Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 22nd Critters all around

Take a morning walk around station to do the rounds to make sure the pier hasn't collapsed in or there isn't a strange ship that came up in the middle of the night to rest against our shores, checking for no water leaks and making sure the Refer Milvans are running as it houses and keeps our frozen food very cold.  Always watching  and checking.  This this morning bought surprises.  Not unlike bunnies in your front yard or a owl whos come to perch for the morning.  Ours were just a tad different.

A juvenile Elephant seal crawled his way up our boat ramp to take a little snooze.  I sat there while she snored.

Then was walking around to the other side of the station when I heard some commotion.  A Gentoo Penguin was taking a refuge on our rocky shore. 

Then after I took a few shots and strolled on, I heard an anouncement over the radio a Minke whale had been spotted just off of where the Gentoo's where at.  I didn't get a picture of it, but here's one from a past encounter...

That is all for today...

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