Saturday, November 21, 2009

November 20th

Friday the 20th November, brought us a surprise. We had a visit of one of our favorite cruise ships', the National Geographic Explorer. The crew really have it together for the guests on board their ship. The expedition leaders are always top notch and have so much information that they share passionately. When cruise ships come to Palmer station, we get a team together to go out to the ship and do a Science update on what science we are doing within the United States Antarctic Program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The team usually consists of the Station Manager, the Science Manager and a group picked to go over and answer any questions that the Ship's guests have. It is very rewarding as you get to meet so many interesting people.

National Geographic Explorer and visiting yacht Spirit of Sydney

This trip to Palmer, brought a very interesting and modest individual. Neil Armstrong along with his wife were among the passengers, when they came to station we were able to get a group photo with them. Later in the evening he was going to give a talk on board the ship. We were invited and got to go listen to this man who has led a life of pure adventure.

Neil's lecture was about Captain Cook and the dis-similarities between the search for a new world (Antarctica unknown if it really existed at that time)to setting foot on a new world we could see(the Moon). There is a link I'm including that has much of what Neil talked about. I felt honored to be invited to listen to the talk and so wanted to touch his left foot (the foot the stepped first on the Moon), but wanted to respect his space (literally) so I refrained from that endeavor.

This link takes you to the site of Captain Cook's exploration and how it was his discoveries made it easier for space flight knowing the distances...
Captain Cook's discoveries
I also met up with old friends whom I've known for years coming to the Antarctic Peninsula. Ian Bullock, Ron Naveen and Melissa Rider have at one time or another ran a field camp at Peterman Island where there is an Adelie colony and a Gentoo colony. They belong to the Oceanites research group and have been studying the penguins there for quite awhile. I'll post their webiste also as it has beautiful pictures of Peterman and surrounding scenery. I've been lucky to visit this wonderful spot.
Zee, Ian and Ron

Melissa's birthday cake with the Explorer behind in the sunset


Update on average Palmer Temperature this week as been about 32F.

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